Question Roulette – Worst Experiences and Music Quotes

Three years ago i bought a book in Tampa which is meant to be a great for creative like minds and for the past three years I have made it my New Years Resolution to complete it. The book is called 642 Things To Write About by The San Francisco Writers Grotto. I never got round to writing many of them so what’s a better way then getting through them then writing a few as an article each week! Enjoy!

415. Elvis Costello said that writing about music is like dancing about architecture. Discuss.
You can write all you want about music but if you do not have musical talent then it is completely pointless.
You can write what you want but you will never understand music as much as someone naturally talented.
416. Interview someone you admire. Write a short profile of the person.
There is so many people I admire but I admire no one more then my mum she is a hard worker enthusiastic and amazing.
417. Your worst experience during a family dinner.
Fights when I was a kid
418. Your worst experience in bar
Watching 2 guys spike my friends drinks – I got them out of their safely before they drunk anything.
419. Your worst experience play by sport
Rugby in school
420. Your worst experience in gym class
Probably running round the whole field

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