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The Travel Book – Trains Are The Key In Switzerland

When you go on holiday and you do not drive, you want to visit a country that has really good transport links. Out of all the countries thad I have visited, one of the best places for amazing transport is none other then the European country of Switzerland.

Back in 2014, I inter-railed in 2 and a half weeks nearly 2000 miles across whole the country on their trains and if their system had been unreliable this wouldn’t of been possible. The SBB Digital Train is so good that it really does put the United Kingdom to shame – we can barely get an apology when a train is cancelled, in Switzerland they apologise if they are only 2 minutes late.

If you are wanting to really get the best of Switzerland then the train is the perfect way to do it as you really get up and close to the mountain sides that you can never do in any other way. The views never get boring and everyday you are always finding something new and exciting to discover.

There are a variety of tickets that you can get for the SBB and these can all be found on their website. If you are going in ski season then I recommend you try and book first class as second class can get really busy, especially when you are going up the mountain. The tickets may be very pricey if you do not book it in advance, so do yourself a favour and make sure you are well prepared before you go!

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