The Travel Book – The Museum Of London, London

London has a really rich history and it is not a boring one either. So much has happened in the capital whether it was hundreds of years ago like the Great Fire Of London or only in recent years like the 2012 Olympics, The Museum of London has got it covered.

The museum is situated on the road London Wall near to St Pauls tube station and is free entry to visit, sometimes they have special exhibitions which you have to pay extra for but there is lot to see if you do not want to pay. Some of the permanent galleries at the museum include:

+ Roman London – looking at artefacts that have been found in London as well as exploring how London both looked and lived in that time period

+ War Plague and Fire – Looking at everything from The Great Fire of London to the great plague of 1665. The gallery is full of lots of historic items as well as paintings and interactive exhibitions.

+ World City – Looking at how the capital and city has evolved with the times since 1950s looking at everything from fashion to cars. It also explores popular culture.

The museum is open daily from 10am and closes at 6pm with the last admission being around 5:30pm. Make sure that you come to the Museum with money as the shop has a lot of fun and quirky souvenirs you may just want to buy.

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