Game show Vs The Comedian

Game Shows Vs The Comedian – Duck Quacks Don’t Echo

Comedians are being casted left right and centre as the hosts of gameshows. So welcome to a feature that is going to look at these shows in depth.

Whether they have been going for years, a week or got cancelled we have got them all. Welcome to the world of game shows. This week we look at a gameshow that is all about testing the truth – Duck Quacks Don’t Echo

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Channel – Sky One
First Aired – 7th February 2014
Hosted by Comedians –  Lee Mack
Series – 6
Summary Of Show – A panel show that is based on seeing if myths or facts have any truth to them by putting them to practical tests.

About the Show 

This is a show all about proving whether something is true or false – heard a random fact about something? Well this show will put it to practical test to see if it works. The show has a number of different rounds. The first round is all about guests and their favourite fact. They will bring a fact with them that they love and then it will be tried out to see if it is true. They will then win points depending on what fact Lee Mack likes best.

The second round is all about a random fact that an audience member has – each contestant will choose their favourite one and the pit it against the other competitors to win the round. The final round of the show is called Mack’s Fact and he will take the highest scoring guest with him to see if a fact he has is actually true. This can be anything to the crazy to create audience entertainment.

There have been many guests that have appeared on the show including Mel C, Rhod Gilbert, Miranda Hart, Jimmy Carr and Jerry Springer.


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