Hoopla Improv Marathon – INTERVIEW – All Movies Are Rom Coms

All this week we have exclusive interviews with just some of the acts that are performing at the Hoopla Impro Marathon in London Bridge between 7pm Friday – 11pm Saturday night. I caught up with Ed again this week to find out all about the world of Rom Coms and improv.

Ed Fargher and Katy Schutte

NAME OF SET: All Movies Are Rom Coms

TIME SLOT: 3:10pm Saturday


 Hello Ed ! Tell us about All Movies are Rom Coms!
All Movies Are Rom Coms is a show where Katy Schutte and I are going to take any movie of the audience’s choice and turn it in to a Rom Com! Godfather? Rom Com. Alien? Rom Com. It’s going to be a really fun challenge.


How did you come up with the name of your show?
The name is the show, and the show is the name. Sometimes you don’t need to dress these things up.


Tell us a little bit about your style of improv?
Katy is the Queen of genre improv. Project 2 is one of my absolute FAVOURITE improv teams. So there will be a bit of spoof, some kind of romantic comedic twist and all the usual fundamentals of decent improvisation.


What will your set be about?
Rom Coms have a specific structure in screenwriting with a different narrative arc. We may not have time to deliver a full Four Weddings and a Funeral inspired by Gone With the Wind, but expect unlikely lovers pulled apart and coming back together. Even if its something insane.


What other acts are you looking forward to?
Not Your Average and Gibberish Allsorts Present This is Not a Love Island are also doing romantic comedy themed slots, but with very different slants. It’ll be very interesting to compare us all.


What have been some of your favourite shows to date with Katy  and why?
Katy and I have only done a couple of shows together, but Pie-Day Night last year was a blast. And her shows with Chris Mead in Project 2 are AMAZING! They’re about to do a 3-week run at the Rosemary Branch, and I just adore them.


A lot of people at the moment are trying to transition improv into video to post on social media channels – do you think this works for improv or do you think the art form is lost in the transition?
Well, Katy’s work with Project 2 has worked on video, on social media, in VR and more so evidence would suggest it can be done! And I think it works particularly with genre improv because there’s a shared vocabulary there. Anyone with a knowledge about it is already halfway there.


What have been some of the most unique and different improv sets you have seen this year and why?
While at SWIMP in Sweden this year, I saw a set by Pat and Misch Break Up. It was the story of a break-up, as it sounds, and it was just so moving. They were accompanied on piano by Phil Lunn and I think he did some of my favourite of his work in that moment, even by Phil’s standards. I still think about it on my day to day sometimes.


If people want to find out more about you where can they follow you on social media?
@KatySchutte and @EdmundFargher


And Finally in three words – Why should people come and see the show?
Genre spoofing silliness.

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