Forgotten Pop

Forgotten Pop! – This Week – Kulcha

Today we look at an RnB band that were all the way from Australia, like any good forgotten band, there is very little about them on the  internet so I will write everything I find out but apologies in advance if it is nto as in depth as normal!

Today we look at an Australian group called Kulcha – the group was made up of four members – Eric Palu, Jay Whitmore, Joe Fidow and Richard Matila who were all from Sydney. They were signed to Warner Music and EastWest. They were one of the first main acts to break through into the Australian mainstream charts.

The band released their debut single in 1994 and it did really well in the charts, their debut album which was self titled won the ARIA Award For Best Pop Release. Their single ‘Shaka Jam’ was also nominated for being a high selling single.

I cannot seem to find much more on them apart from their discography so lets take today to listen to some of their hits.

Shaka Jam

Fly Girl


Soul Feeling

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