Hoopla Impro

Show Of The Week – Hoopla Improv Marathon, The Miller, London

This week our show of the week is slightly different to any other as it is not just one act it is nearly over 200 separate performers with 30 hours of improv all under one roof! The Hoopla Improv Marathon starts this Friday at 7pm and finishes on the Saturday at 11pm – That is more then 24 hours of comedy!

The Marathon has many shows and is a place where improvisers dare to try out new sets, as well as old ones also being intertwined. There are many well established acts performing at the show including Dreamweaver Quartet, The RH Experience, Do Not Adjust Your Stage as well as other acts trying out new things such as Late Night In A+E, Yoga Improv, This is Not A Love Island and Channel Flip – The Improvised Television Channel.

The Hoopla Improv Marathon is one of the biggest events on the Hoopla calendar and if you have a chance to head along to the show then you should! All this week on The Phoenix Remix, we have exclusive interviews from some of the acts that are performing – so watch this space.

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