Forgotten Pop! – This Week – Sean Maguire

It was a thing in the nineties and in the early noughties for soap stars to turn into musicians and one of those that lead the was was the Eastenders sensation Sean Maguire (who these days you may recognise as Robin Hood in Once Upon A time).I couldn’t find that much about he actually became a pop star but I did find out that between the years of 1994 – 1998 he released 3 albums and 8 songs in the charts that all went into the top 30.

The first album that was released by Sean Maguire was self titled and had a number of hits which included Someone To Love, Take This Time and Suddenly. Whilst the singles went into the top twenties (Someone To Dance went into the chart at number 14 and the one that had the least successful was Take This Time which reached 27) the album only went into the charts at number 75 and only lasted a week in the charts.

In 1996 Sean released the album called Spirit that also had a number of singles from it. This album was recorded and promoted around the same time that he was trying to manage an acting career in the television show Dangerfield. Again, the singles did relatively well with songs like Good Day, entering the charts at number 12, and Don’t Pull Your Love which entered at number 14.

The final album to be released by Sean Maguire was his Greatest Hits album which sort of saw the end of his music career. There was only one single that was released off this album and that was the song Today’s The Day which entered the charts at Number 27. So lets spend today listening to some of the hits that Sean Maguire released when he was much younger.

Someone To Love

Take This Time


Good Day

Pull Your Love

Today’s The Day

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