Together against the world

We had a great Sunday with our visiting guests from L.A.! We can’t wait to listen to The MEAT Improv podcast recorded live yesterday, in London, with homegrown guests Simon Feilder, Victoria Barry and Mariana Feijó.

While we all wait, C3? never stop and have a new week filled with treats!

Saturday we’re heading to Hoopla Impro and doing a set away from home. You can find our more about the night and the other talented people we’ll share a stage with here. Come see us perform a movie – a complete movie! – car chases and special effects included!

On Sunday, we’re back home at the Horse & Stables, from 4PM, with a FREE class and show!

Casual sets will be all about focussing on matching your scene partner’s energy/mindset/character choices, and exploring more “peas in a pod” type play, since in real life we often associate with people like ourselves. We’ll also explore this technique in the context of second beats, since if a character is fun in a 1st beat, a 2nd beat with 2 or 3 of those types of characters can be even more fun. Secure your spot here!

From 7 PM, you can just sit back and relax, watching C3? and guests, or jump on stage to jam. We’ve got it all covered!

Guest this week include The Just Us League, Pillow Fight and Poetry Greg’s Poetry Corner, with late night special Never Again, once again being featured in our programme! Find out more here!

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