Improv Corner – Don’t Forget The Classics

When you have been doing improv for more then a year you get to a point, especially when you are in a short form improv troupe, where you try and see if new games work and put spins on games or do something ‘fresh’.

It is really fun to come up with new games and ideas but the one thing you shouldn’t do it forget the classics. Whilst quite a few of your shows will be full on fellow improvisers it is important to remember the other people that are there seeing you. I can’t think of a correct term used in improv for this to set this audience aside so let’s use a Harry Potter term for non magical people – ‘muggles’.

It is really important to not forget your non improv audience. Are you fed us of playing games like New Choice because it’s a common game and everyone seems to play it? Well if you have an audience who is made up of non improvisers they love the originals – there is a reason Whose Line Is It Anyway plays to many people.

Whilst they may be games that you may be bored of playing audiences love them and even if they don’t have improv training they can still relate to it because it is a game they recognise from Whose Line. Also if they have not seen it before they can still relate to it because the rules are simple and easy to catch on.

So the next time you plan to do a set or a show really have a long hard think about the audience and maybe include that classic game that you play alot because someone will really find it funny.

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