Improv Diaries – Musical Improv, Characters and One Week To Go [Case Study: The Penguin, Robin Lord Taylor ]

This week has been jammed pack with lots and lots of improv related things so it has been fun and also really active at the same time. The first thing I did this week was a musical improv related thing – whilst I do not really want to go into too much detail I will say it was really fun doing music related improv again. It has been a long time (or it feels like it) since I have done musical improv and it was so fun to do it again. The one thing I love is the characters that you can create in musical improv and this can be channeled through the musical genre as well.

This week at Punders HQ it was all about getting everything ready for the show as it is next week! It came around so fast but it is fine as we are now in a working manner that the show is coming together and starting to feel like a show which we are very excited about!

This week was all about making sure that character work was in the scenes that we created and making sure that we also used the space and the surroundings as well because that is a really important thing to think about when you approach the stage. There are some games that you play where you end up focussing on the words and not the actions and this can mean that the game becomes really static. This week was making sure that we made these games move and made sure that we were utilising the stage as much as possible.

This week was a great week for rehearsals and improv and I look forward to our big show next week!

Case Study – The Penguin, Gotham

Screen Shot 2018-09-12 at 02.34.21

I have been watching a lot of Gotham recently, mainly for the fact that season 4 has been added to Netflix recently and also because I adore this show for the casting. It is soooo well casted, especially the person who plays Oswald Cobblepot aka The Penguin (played by Robin Lord Taylor).

The one thing that I find from watching Robin Lord Taylor is that he is so inspirational, he brings the character completely to life and really makes it so unique and fantastic that it is so hard not to love him and hate him at the same time.

As an improviser it is really important to watch characters and find ones that you love because it really makes such a huge difference when you want someone to think of in different scenes. I feel this week that The Penguin from Gotham has really inspired me in both short scenes and musical ones this week. Even in situations that you may not feel comfortable, do what the penguin does and own everything that you do!

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