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The Travel Book – REVIEW – Edenbridge and Oxted Agricultural Show, Surrey

It is not every week that we review a place for this feature, however, since this is an annual event I thought it was probably a fun way to do it so that you get an insight into the show and then you can be prepared to buy tickets for next year if you are in the area or just be aware that it is on.rhdrj

Every August Bank Holiday, the Edenbridge and Oxted Agricultural Show takes place in a huge field near Tandridge in Surrey. The field space in which the Show is held is the same size as 20 football pitches, so as you can imagine, it is pretty big. The show has been running for a whopping 181 years and is still really successful to this day.  The show runs over two days on the Bank Holiday weekend and tickets are £20 for a day ticket if you pre-book them just before the event and a bit cheaper if you buy early bird and obviously more expensive on the door.

I went this year for one day a I have not been to the festival since I was a child., we were meant to go on the Sunday but due to the weather we decided to go on the Monday. Even though we did not go in the pouring rain, people on social media were praising the event for being easy to walk around even when it was slightly muddy.

The festival is home to a variety of animals / stalls and much more that have all come together to show off, compete in competitions, sell and meet the public. Throughout the day there is a variety of activities and shows that members of the public can watch that are spread across at different show grounds across the site.

There is something for everyone – there is a lot of animal tents where the best of the best of each animal are there to compete in various competitions as well as meet the public. There is a huge shopping area where you can buy lots of products as well as a huge food hall tent that people can purchase a variety of food. There is a huge Food and Flowers tent where competitors have grown the biggest vegetables and the most beautiful flowers all to win first prize. There is a variety of activities that you can pay to do including archery, fly fishing and clay pigeon shooting. There is also a fun fair as well.


I enjoyed the show, it was good fun walking around and seeing all the animals and the competitions that were happening in the tents and there were two that particularity stood out to me. The first one was the Tea Party competition in the WI tent – each WI in Surrey competed in a competition where the rules were to make a garden scene with 2 craft items, a cake item and I that was it. They were really impressive and so creative they were great! The other one that I really liked was the vegetables competitions as it was really fun seeing how much effort goes into growing the perfect runner bean or carrot.

Now, I didn’t stay for the whole day and I am probably not the best to ask what the best shows were as I didn’t really watch a whole display and just jumped from one to the another. However there was lots of variety on show – one minute we were watching dogs doing a similar trial to crufts and then another minute we were watching horses on display. We walk past one display area and there were cows being judged and then you walk to another show area and the tractors throughout history were being driven around.


This was a show that was suitable for all ages of the family as there is something for everyone, whilst you may think the price on the door is pricey, all children go free so if you have a family this may work out good value for you. I did find thought that some of the stalls were quite pricey but it is a bank holiday Monday show, so I supopse you expect it. The one thing that was a bit disappointing was a lot of the food in the food hall that was on sale was not local to the area, instead it was from Devon and other ares of the UK. The only thing that I saw on sale from the local area was honey and tomatoes that were in the WI tent.

It is a good day out and it is one of those events that you should visit if you have a chance to. It is also like other country fairs out there, so if you have one closer to you where you are, then probably visit that one instead.

Day Out Rating: 7/10 

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