The Games That Time Forgot – The Fidgetts, Game Boy

Screen Shot 2018-08-21 at 06.02.24This week we look at a game that was on the Game Boy and focussed on a family of mice where you can play as any of the characters. Welcome to the world of The Fidgetts. The Fidgetts was released in 1993 and was developed by Game Over Productions and published by Elite Systems ltd.

The Fidgetts was a game that centred on a family of mice that live in a country barn and decide to move to America to make a new start. The family become separated on the journey and the game is centred around mice Frankie and Freddie as they try and get back to being with the rest of the family.

The game is a side scroll platform game where you have to complete a number of different puzzles and brain teasers to reunite the family. Each of the mice has different abilities – one can jump higher then the other, for example.

The game got a lot of positive reviews for its gameplay and got an average of 75%. If you still have a Game Boy then you should try and get your hands on this game if you want something for retro fun!


  1. Holy Toledo, I used to have this game! My grandmother got it for me for my birthday one year, I believe? Always had trouble tracking it down anywhere on the ‘net, it may be one of the more rare GB games. 😮


  2. This game is *crazy* hard.

    And on top of that, they recycled the same theme music for the whole game.

    The only good thing to me seems to be the graphics. Also the gameplay idea was nice, but the timer totally kills it.
    And I’m not even sure this game has passwords for resuming progress… !!

    Save yourself the pain.

    I searched for a walkthrough, and finally someone made a capture of a complete walkthrough using an emulator. (and quite probably some “save state” functionality.


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