Improv Corner

Improv Corner – Like What You See? Take Note

mdeSee this photograph on the left hand side? This is one of my notebooks. This is not just any notebook, this is one of my many notebooks I have for Improv.

One of the improv pads I have is to write down planning for everything relating to Punderstandably, this one however is one that has only a few pages used and only used on special occasions. This is an improv inspiration book.

In the past few years whenever I have come across a game I have liked and feel it could be developed, I write it down. Whenever a teacher makes a really good point about a topic – I write it down. Whenever I have an idea that I feel could be used at a later date, I write it down.

From doing improv for nearly three years I would say that it is really important to have a notebook like this. Some of the things that you come across may not be just relevant to improv but maybe to a different part to your every day life.

I look at this book time to time to actually see what I have written down and some notes I have taken from teachers have been really helpful in looking at improv from a different angle.

It is something that I have seen other improvisers do in various lessons and I know that it is something that can be helpful. So the next time you see something you like! write it down, you never know when it will come in handy!

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