Edinburgh Fringe – PERFORMERS ADVICE – The Most Challenging Thing About Fringe Life

It is the middle of the Festival season and whilst we are celebrating the world of Camden Fringe this month, lets not forget all those people who are up at the Fringe! In July we interviewed over 20 acts and over the next two Mondays we are going to do a few special posts about what the acts said about specific Fringe related questions.

What are the most challenging things  about performing at the Edinburgh Fringe?

“Realising we’ve spent more hours onstage in a very dark and very damp cave doing passable impressions of Sir Roger Moore than sitting behind a desk in a real job. And HMRC don’t buy it for a second, and have some very detailed questions about how much our jumpers cost.” – Shaken Not Stirred The Improvised James Bond 

“Writing a show worthy enough! You want it to be the best it can possible be!” – Tom Brace


“There’s too much to do. We generally just focus on doing a great show and making time for our fans, but there’s so so much going on” – Jollyboat


“Energy. The cliché is true – you’re a marathon runner and have to pace yourself” – Improvised Sherlock Holmes

“The frequency of gigs will ruin our skin because drag makeup is thick… we will need a very rigorous skin regime. Also the hills. God we hate the hills” – Dragprov Revue


“Living and working with the same people for a month. We all love each other but everyone needs some space every now and then.” – The Shambles


“Not getting bored with your material; keeping it fresh not just for the audience, but also for yourself.” – Gary G Knightly

“The exhaustion. Vitamins and a good night rest are important, people!” – Dirty White Boys

“When people aren’t at Cambridge University they disperse back to their home towns all over the UK so organising a team of improvisors to get up to Edinburgh all via phone calls, messages and Skype sessions has been a logistical nightmare! haha!” – Cambridge Impronauts 

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