Edinburgh Fringe – PERFORMERS ADVICE – The Best Thing About Fringe Life

It is the middle of the Festival season and whilst we are celebrating the world of Camden Fringe this month, lets not forget all those people who are up at the Fringe! In July we interviewed over 20 acts and over the next two Mondays we are going to do a few special posts about what the acts said about specific Fringe related questions. So lets start with a topic that is important –

What are the best thing about performing at the Edinburgh Fringe?


“Doing lots of shows in a short amount of time” – Improvable

“Seeing all your talented mates out and about, and reconnecting with ones you haven’t seen in ages.” – Dirty White Boys

“Being inspired by the other shows.” – Tom Marino

“Doing a new show every day that’s always a hysterically funny.” – Any Suggestion Doctor?  An Improvised Adventure in Space and Time

“Access to international audiences.” – Changing Jennifers

“Serious answer: It’s like School for Performing. I reckon I will do around 80 performances, it is rare to be able to work and edit and try it again so quickly.

Silly answer: Oink (a shop selling hog-roast).” – Gary G Knightly

“The opportunity to see all the very best performers from all over the world, in our hometown. It’s a true privilege. “- Smoky Monkeys 

“Everything. It’s a constant buzz of excitement, being a pseudo-celebrity at the biggest arts festival in the world.” – Jollyboat

“Thousands of people trying to make audiences happy, sometimes with little to no hope of reward: that’s a spicy meatball. “- Geraldyne 

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