Off The Record – The Killers

Have you ever wanted To listen to a new band or musician and not sure where to start? Well, instead of listening to their commercial music, why not start with something off the album first! Today we talk about a band from Las Vegas that has one of the biggest selling albums that is home to some of the best Indie tracks – The Killers 


Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine – Hot Fuss Album

This is such a great indie album and one that is so powerful and that has a strong effect on music must have a great first song and Hot Fuss does not fail to deliver. This is a great song on the album and the thing that really makes this song is that it is so different to a lot of songs out there. It has a very unique ‘Killers’ feel to it and the drums and the guitar both compliment and emphasise the fantastic lyrics that run alongside them.


On Top – Hot Fuss Album

This is one of my personal favourite album tracks on Hot Fuss as it agains takes a musical genre and spins it completely on its head. The thing that I love a lot about this track is the use of the symbol on the drum kit as it really creates an intense yet very chilled summer vibe themed song. The lyrics and the bridge are the things that make this a stand out track as well and if you are looking for an album track that is pretty much The Killers perfection, then this is most definitely it.


Everything Will Be Alright – Hot Fuss Album 

This is the last song on the track and is completely different to everything else on the album. It is a lot slower, A lot more unusual and has a sort of hypnosis trance type feel to it. This is not necessarily a bad thing because every great indie record has a unique slow song on it that you walk away from and do not forget in a hurry. This song has an echo based feel to it and the lyrics that go along side this song are uplifting even if the music may appear as sad on first listen.


Sam’s Town – Sam’s Town album

The second album by The Killers opens with a really catchy opener and is very different in style to the debut album. It feels like a song of two halves as the music melody changes very dramatically throughout the verse and the chorus – this is probably a good definition of what the next 2.0 of The Killers is – a new sound but also taking chances to create interesting music combinations. A track the deserves a listen.

The River Is Wild – Sam’s Town album 

This is a song that is a very good album track it has everything that a good indie track should have – good guitars, great drums and a fun set of lyrics. It is a song that is like the feeling of summer, you can imagine listening to this whilst driving or chilling out in the grass.

Joy Ride – Day & Age album 

With a new album comes a new sound and with The Killers this is an album that has a very different sound to the past two. This is a good album track, it has a fun guitar and drum beat throughout it that makes it have a fun feeling and a sort of jazzy and electronic feel about it.

Neon Tiger – Day & Age album

This is another track on this album that has a very unique sound that is quite magical and mystical at the same time. It has an old school vibe to it whilst also maintaining the pure wonder of The Killers. The chorus is very big musically and is something that you look forward to throughout the song.

Flesh and Bone – Battle Born album

This album has a completely different sound and is welcomed to the listener with a track that is sort of electronic intertwined with a music ensemble that is very relevant to their indie feel. This song has really interesting lyrics and a good use of musical melodies that is enchanting to the ear.

 From Here On Out – Battle Born album

This song has essence of the Sam’s Town style of Killer music mixed with a hint of country. It is fast paced with a very addictive guitar beat that makes it a fun album track and something that you will enjoy listening to.

The Calling – Wonderful Wonderful

Their most recent album is  very unique sound and very different to the albums before however true to form their is a hint of their original style. The thing that makes this track a stand out is the heavy drum beat that intertwines throughout. A song not to be missed.

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