Improv Corner – Just Keep Mixing

Doing the same routine can be boring or even get you stuck in a rut. When I write this site I tend to try and change themes of articles or introduce new ones every six months so that the reader becomes more engaged with what we are talking about and also so that I feel inspired to write. I feel that changing things around is a very important thing to do so that you always feel refreshed and keep enjoying everything that you do.

This is relevant to the world of improv as well especially if you are in a troupe that meet recently to practise. It is so easy to get stuck in a routine of playing the same games, using the same suggestions, playing the same games, the same warm ups etc sometimes it can feel more like a work routine instead of fun.

Punderstandably have been together as a group since January 2017 and in that time we have rehearsed nearly every single Tuesday in the past year and a half so we have realised that mixing things up is very vital. We are a group with big ideas and always testing new content, so we are always aiming to try something new, however just like any other group, we can have times when we can feel very routine.

There are many ways in which you can mix this up – in a short form troupe try new games, test out some of your own, make a different plan, download an app that helps you with improv suggestions.  If you are in a long form troupe, maybe try and come up with really different ideas for what you can add to your format, think out the box and find a website that  can give you really random words to make a suggestion for the scene.

There are many areas that you can find inspiration to change things up. I get asked regularly how do I find inspiration for the features on this site – well for initial ideas I can be inspired by a word, something I see, something that comes to me in my sleep or something completely non related – anything can inspire me! For long running features like this one, Taste of States, Forgotton Pop, all require research and reading. However this is a good thing as it can lead to new ideas that are fun.

What I want you to take away from this weeks article is try and keep everything mixed up, don’t have a routine have an experience and make sure that you keep improv FUN and not a chore.

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