Off The Record – Brandon Flowers

Have you ever wanted To listen to a new band or musician and not sure where to start? Well, instead of listening to their commercial music, why not start with something off the album first! Today we talk about an artist that is part of one of the most successful bands on the planet and even had a really successful solo career – Brandon Flowers

Hard Enough – Flamingo album

This song is a really nice album track it has a good set of lyrics and the thing that really make this stand out is the musical format of the song. It starts in one sort of style and then is taken to a higher level when the piano starts to intertwine throughout the track. Whilst it has a sense of The Killers to it, the sound is very different and unique which makes this a great all round theme on the album.

Was it Something I Said? – Flamingo album

This is a really upbeat song and is very catchy at the same time that it is really worth the listen. The repetitive drum beat and the intertwining guitars really make this a stand out album track and one that will get you head bopping along.

Swallow It – Flamingo album

This is a really good song to finish the album on because it is so different to a lot that is on this record. The use of string instruments throughout this song make it really catchy and very unique. A great song an one that really ends the album in style.

Dreams Come True – The Desired Effect album 

This is a fantastic opening track to an album, it is very uplifting and the brass instruments make this a very catchy track. The lyrics are fantastic and when the chorus kicks in it makes you instantly smile as it is such a fun filled song.

Diggin’ Up The Heart – The Desired Effect album 

This is a song that needs to be highlighted on this album because it has a very different sound to most songs. The predominant instrument on this track is the gutiar and whilst you mostly focus on that then Brandons voice it is still a fun track that will not leave you dissapointed.

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