Screen Shot 2018-06-19 at 13.58.53Name Of Show: Lloyd Langford: Why The Big Face?

Time: 22:00

Date:  August 4-9th, 13-26th

Location:  (Venue 33)

Price: Free

About: If you are a regular listener to the Rhod Gilbert BBC Radio Wales show then this name will be increasingly familiar to you. You may also remember this name as he is one of the comedians that was stuck in ‘Snowgate’ – when four comedians including John Robins, James Acaster and Ed Gamble were stuck in NYC because of the blizzards and they made the news because of their social media content – if this name still doesn’t sound familiar never fear, he is still a comedian you must see this year at the Fringe.

This year, Lloyd Langford returns to the Fringe with a free show! The show has already been making a name for itself with an earlier version of the set winning the Best Show Award at the Leicester Comedy award. Expect a treat for this years show with jokes about everything from balconies to robins – a show you must go and see.