NEW FEATURE: Yes To Success – Instagram TV, New App For 1-Hour Video Uploads

Thank you for stopping over. There were days when I wished that Instagram could allow longer videos so I did not have to go to someone’s bio to click the link to be taken to their YouTube channel or any other place to watch a full video, and then back to Instagram… you get the picture. To my surprise, on 20 June, 2018 my wish came true when Instagram co-founder and CEO Kevin Systrom introduced IGTV from a live event in San Francisco. Not that he could hear my thoughts, either way I got quite excited about IGTV, which is a new app for uploading and watching long-form, vertical videos from Instagram creators. While there’s a stand-alone IGTV app, you’ll also be able to watch from within the Instagram app.

Where to find it?

Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 03.59.29

If you haven’t tried it yet, you might be thinking ‘how and where do I find it?’ Head to your Instagram app, once you open it, on the main timeline look up in the top right-hand corner, there you will find a cute, little icon blinking to you graciously (clue: next to the direct message icon, which resembles a kite).

What can you do with IGTV?

Instagram as a global community reached one billion users since its launch in 2010. It is a platform to connect with the people who inspire, educate and entertain you every day. You can become a consumer, a creator or both. Depending on what you use or want to use Instagram for, it could become part of your personal brand or part of your business and marketing strategy:

  • a tool to connect with people
  • wow your audience with content you post
  • search for investors in your project or idea
  • promote your product or service through paid ads (this is done through Facebook)
  • share knowledge and experiences
  • teach people something you know and it’s useful
  • show interesting places to visit
  • or simply exhibit your talents because no one else can turn their hand around 360° like you do.

emi 1Just like turning on the TV, IGTV starts playing as soon as you open the app. You don’t have to search to start watching content from people you already follow on Instagram and others you might like based on your interests. You can swipe up to discover more — switch between “For You,” “Following,” “Popular” and “Continue Watching.” You can also like, comment and send videos to friends in Direct. What’s more exciting is that like TV, IGTV has channels. However, in IGTV, the creators are the channels. When you follow a creator on Instagram, their IGTV channel will show up for you to watch. Anyone can be a creator — you can upload your own IGTV videos in the app or on the web to start your own channel. I have used the IGTV to upload my mobile videos from a spectacular event Women in tech, Women of Silicon Roundabout hold at Excel London on 26 and 27 of June, 2018. If you are curious and want to see more, head to my Instagram account digital_coaching, sit back and relax 🙂 However, before you do that, think of ways how this new feature could serve you best? What could you use it for? How can it benefit you and others? I’m still puzzling over potential impact IGTV will have on other social media and what changes it will bring.

May the force be with you.



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