Improv Diaries – Creativity and Saying The Wrong Thing…. [Case Study – Improv Adventures, The Noise Next Door]

This week was all about the new – in the past few weeks, we have all had a variety of new ideas for formats that we want to try out so this is exactly what we did this week – explore the new. We started the evening off with a catch up to discuss the things we want to do in shows that we have coming soon and also the ones that we have coming next year. This is always important to do as a group, discuss ideas and expand on the old ideas as it means that you are always building on what you have and where you can go. We are a very ambitious group and always trying to push ourselves to achieve new and fun things.

Another thing that was a focus of this weeks rehearsal was the show that we are performing on the 12th of July. It is only a 12 minute set but it means that we can try out the new games that we have been practising or recently developed to see if they work in an audience environment. We have a huge show in September that we want to have new content for so trying out new content is critical.

One of the games that we are trailing on Thursday relates to Social Media – I think it is really important to try and incorporate new media into a improv set where you can. Whilst it is only my be a small amount that we have done this time, it still makes an impact on the actual game and can create actual good fun humour.

I found this week was one of those weeks where I was stumbling over my words alot – I do not have the excuse of being tired I think its just something I call the ‘Impatient Improv’. Sometimes your brain is so into the scenes and games that you are doing that you end up talking too much or stumbling over your words as you cannot seem to get them all out at the same time. This happened a lot this week and I ended up getting frustrated as I couldn’t seem to get my point across. It is ok, it still made lots of comedy fun which is always good!

Case Study – The Improv Adventure ( The Noise Next Door)

Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 18.37.27

I am one of those people that likes to blend platforms – for example, whilst I love working in broadcast television as a Video Editor, I am still looking forward and thinking of new ways to blend new media like Virtual Reality with a TV environment.

I think that the idea of blending improv with other technologies is something that really has a lot of potential – I have seen troupes like Improbotics and Human Machine use computer coding in their sets, Project 2 have done an improv show in a Virtual Reality Environment and there are many more troupes that are always pushing boundaries or using technology to create new ideas.

One of the things that I have really loved that has come from the concept of improv and social media is the was that the group The Noise Next Door used to use them back in the younger years. They used to do a Youtube Series called the Improv Adventure where they would ask people to write to them on Twitter what they want the gang to do in the said are and they would do it! This would range from everything to following a person, brewing a magic potion and even riding horses!

It was a great little series and it was something that was so different to anything else out there at the time that to me personally it really stood out! I wasn’t an improviser at the time when I stumbled across The Noise Next Door (long story short: used to edit freelance for ComComedy, the same people behind NextUp Comedy, and had to edit a promo video of their Fringe show and an interview) but from the first time I watched them on video and live I became a fan and they are the real reason I improvise today.

Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 18.33.34

I love watching new and innovative ideas and that Improv Adventure series really struck a chord with me as I found it so clever. With Punders, I always try and come up with ways we can promote shows and stand out. We are a very creative bunch and always come up with crazy ideas which are really fun to do! At the moment we are currently using Punders lego to promote shows but if changes every time.

I have a lot to thank Noise Next Door for, as I say every time I write about them, here are few of my favourite episodes below.

Improv Avengers

The song at the end makes this episode great and the effort with the outfits is genius!

24 Hour Fringe edition

In Your Fantasy 




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