Improv Corner – How To Form A Troupe

There is no right or wrong way to form an improv troupe – in fact there is every possibility under the sun as to how you can form one. I have heard of groups forming off of the back of 8 week courses, through social media or with speed dating style events where you speed meet people to see if you want to form a troupe.

Forming a group can be the easy bit  the hard bit can be what comes next here are a few things that are vital to think about when you form a troupe.

A name – This may feel like the most important thing at first but it’s not and will come naturally we will have more on this in the coming months.

short form or long form – you can always change ideas moving forward but you should go into a group all with the same style in mind to begin with because that can be one thing that can stall a group

Getting a rehearsal day – this is something you should Knuckle down from the start as getting in routine can be difficult and you really need to commit.

Most importantly HAVE FUN

There are so many things I could put down here on how to do things but every group is different and had their own unique style and over time you will find it.

It’s always hard at first to get into the swing of things but it will happen naturally and you find your feet. Take Punderstandably for example we started with a completely different and due to people’s time commitments, work commitments, visa issues, changing in improv format they want to pursue we have lost people on the way but that will happen.

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