Improv Diaries – New Ideas and Dull Suggestions..[ Case Study – The Rubik’s]

At the moment we are currently in the process of expanding Punders as a team – whilst I will by really be talking about that in depth, it will be good for you to be aware as we may be doing similar things over the next few weeks.

Due to the situations that are happening I felt this week I should challenge myself within games I am put. I have been away from improv for two weeks due to work commitments so it was so great to be back in a rehearsal space playing lots of silly games. We earned to in the same way of our favourite earn up games and then the in a few new ones that focused on being more active and staying focused. We played endowment circle for the first time in a long time and I forgot how much I loved it. It is a game where someone stands in the middle and people call out an adjective and a profession and then the person had to act out that character.

We then went on to play games this week to have fun. We started with a Punders favourite Emotional Date and then went on to try a new game we had never tried but seen it performed by others – Survival.

With the game of Survival all of you perform a scene based on an activity or location and then you keep repeating the scene over and over again With less people playing the scene. It was interesting to play the game, I am not sure I am a fan but it is one we will need to develop over time.

We finished off the evening playing games that we play on a regular basis such as two line vocabulary and pan left to finish off the week. We write a lot of suggestions in advance and this week I kept getting lumbered with really dull suggestions such as tax man and marketing manager – the best way to deal with these? Spin them on their head and turn them into something the audience isn’t expecting.

Case Study – The Rubik’s


I have seen the game Survivor played a number of times and whilst it’s not over of my favourite short form games to watch on stage, if it is done with the right energy and enthusiasm then it means it can come across week to an audience.

Back in February Punderstandably were lucky enough to play the West End as part of a show or on by Sprout Ideas. One of the acts that was playing along side us was a group called The Rubik’s. They were also short form and funnily enough we both groups did completely different games.

They did the game Survivor as one of their games and it was done very well. The energy was kept throughout the game, all of them committed to the game that really made all the difference. This game needs to have constant energy to keep it interesting and engaging to the audience.

It was great fun to play a show with a group that were energetic and hope that we get to share stage space with them again.

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