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Forgotten Pop! – This Week – Alex Parks

Today we look at a musician that found fame by being part of the BBC Television show Fame Academy. She was entered by her father and it lead to a lot of good things in the aftermath of the show.

Back in 2003 the reality television show Fame Academy was into its second season and it needed a winner – and that spot would by won by none other then Alex Parks. Fame Academy was the BBC rival to Pop Idol and saw the show search far and wide for talent that they could educate into new musical talent.

Alex beat off the competitors Alistair Griffin and Carolynne Good to win the second season.  She released her first single in November of 2003 and it was called ‘Maybe That’s What It Takes’ it went to number 3 in the UK charts. She released another single off the debut album in 2004 called Cry and it reached number 13 in the UK Charts.

Alex Parks debut album was called Introduction and was released in November 2003 and went straight in at number 5 and has gone 2 X Platinum and had over 600,000 sales.

Alex only ever released another album called Honesty that was released in 2005 and that reached number 24 in the UK charts. From that album the singles were Looking For Water which did not chart and Honesty which charted at 56. So lets have a look at Alex Parks music today.

Maybe That’s What It Takes


Looking For Water


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  1. I remember someone describing her as “voice of a foghorn” and now I can’t shake the mental image. Poor Alex, I thought she was really talented. Didn’t she used to be a clown? Isn’t it amazing the random facts you can remember? 😂


  2. I never saw anything about her, I heard a song, hunted down the albums, and dream about her giving me something I can have. Singing hopefully, otherwise… anything. And given how i am, I understand her going walkabout entirely,

    This is me just saying Alex, I love you, and I’d love to find your voice again, let alone your songs.


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