A Month of Suki Webster – INTERVIEW – Ask Suki

Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at 11.59.22This month is  a very exciting one for fans of improv and comedy because every Friday in June you can go to the Museum Of Comedy in Central London to see the show Suki’s Webster Guest Speaker where she will be joined by some of the biggest names in the comedy scene including Paul Merton, Josie Lawrence and Lee Simpson.

Over the coming month, we will be sharing lots of photos on our social media channels  (so like us over on our Facebook Page or Twitter) to get you in the mood for the up and coming shows. As well as that, we have an exclusive set of interview’s with the main lady herself – Suki Webster! Today we asked Suki to answer some of the questions

Do you ever (honestly) have ‘ stock’ or ‘safety – net’ material and gags in your head or are you  100% improvising even at high pressure shows?  (Matthew, Spontaneous Wrecks)

 I am honestly improvising I find it hard to remember jokes so I would actually find that harder than making it up on the spot. However Like I said I don’t remember what I’ve said in shows so there may be times I think of the same joke again

What do you find in particular challenges you on stage? (Emma, Improviser, Newcastle)

I am really lucky that I work with are really experience good people so this rarely happens however on the odd occasion when people are new and overexcited and they don’t let the show breath I find that difficult.

I think improvisation is about knowing when to step forward and when to sit back, it’s about collaboration and giving everybody a moment in the spotlight. However, as I’ve got older and more experienced I have got better at grabbing the spotlight if I feel I really have to do that but I prefer a style where everybody is generous and giving

Out of all the improvisers that you have worked with over the years, who has been your favourite one to work with and who else do you want to perform with? (Tracey, Bristol)

All of the improvisers that I book for Suki Websters Guest Speaker are my absolute favourites. I’m a lucky girl I know a lot of excellent improvisers

What advice would you give to troupes who want to get recognised when they are starting out? (Caroline, East London)

I’m afraid there are no easy answers as to how to get recognised as a new group, all I can say is keep doing the very best work you can keep putting the time in and respecting the expertise that will grow from that work.

Even now when I’ve been doing this for over 20 years I try and work as often as possible to keep flexing my Impro muscles. The more you do, the better you get and you just have to keep pushing yourself.

Do you have any pre-show rituals? If so what are they? (James, Punderstandably Improv)

I don’t have a particular pre-show ritual however I do like a quick warmup a lot of groups don’t tend to do this and others do. if I’m working with a group that doesn’t do a warmup sometimes I play a little game by myself before I leave the house just to get my mind working up to speed so that I feel show ready.

See Suki Webster’s Guest Speaker at the Leicester Square Museum of Comedy every Friday in June. This Friday there is  a fantastic line up with  Suki Webster, Josie Lawrence, Charlotte Gittins and Lee Simpson. Tickets are £10 and can be bought by clicking here

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