Improv Corner – Something Wrong?

When we talk about improv or comedy on this site we always talk about how fun it is and how great it is. What if though you go to a group / lesson and you aren’t finding it fun? This could be for a number of reasons and could be anything from something small such as not liking that weeks topic to not feeling comfortable being in a scene with someone.

Whilst a lot of these sort of things are small and don’t happen often you can sometimes feel alone and that there is something wrong with you – this is not the case.

The thing with improv, especially when you are doing lessons or drop ins, you can’t choose who you are put with. In groups and troupes you tend to only be there because you know the people and you made that decision to be there.

There have been a couple of incidences I have had myself – for example one of the small ones happened when I was only six months into Improv and  I  felt it was difficult or hard to do scenes with a person because they were blocking or saying very obscure comments. Most scenes with this person would turn to a head in a bag – but this is a rarity and is very small percentage of people who will make such random comments.

So as you can see, things can arise big or small in a drop in or lesson but you must realise and remember – you are not alone. Improv classes and drop ins are like any sort of work place / friendship group – whilst you all have a similar interest and are put in the same environment it does NOT mean you have to or are going to like everyone.

Yes, the improv community is supportive in the UK, yes the improv community is 95% of the time very friendly and supportive but there will be those extreme cases where someone will want to bring a negative atmosphere or stand out and try and take over. If you do ever experience anything that makes you feel uncomfortable then do tell your improv trainer as they provide a very supportive network.


[ Note From Editor – No Holly’s were hurt in the making of the article photo – this was part of a fun scene we did at a recent show where i was improvising that I was upset]

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