Travel vs the Comedian – Frankie Goes to Russia

The World Cup is happening in June so what better way to really celebrate the event then having a comedian go to Russia and do a two part documentary.

The BBC special sees comedian Frankie Boyle head to Russia to find out more about the country and more importantly what the world of football really means to them. The show looks thoroughly at the relationship that Russia has with the sport and explores such things as the preparations that are happening to prepare for the huge event.

As well as looking at the preparations Frankie also meets the local people and explores what the World Cup is doing for them – this includes meeting volunteers who are on a training course to learn how to greet tourists, tracking down football hooligans and also exploring just how important this tournament is to them.

The two part series aired on BBC the past two Sundays, however, if you are able to access the BBC iPlayer these are still available to watch.

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