Improv Diaries – Planning Is Key… [Case Study – School Of Improv ]

This week was as important as any in the world of Punders as it was all about admin and behind the scenes work. The main reason this happened was because we couldn’t get a room booked for the week but on the plus side it was a really great evening spent doing stuff we do not usually have the time to actually do – sit down and talk everything Punders and look at the future.

The one thing that you have to pay attention for in a improv troupe when you really get the sails running is all the aims and targets of the team as to where you want to go and what you want to aim to be as an improv troupe. Having the time this week to sit down for a good couple of hours and really talk about things really has helped and also made us think about what we want to be going forward.

We also have a show this week so the meeting was also to talk about the games that we are playing, how we are going to approach the stage and all of that in between. So why this post may be short and sweet this week the one thing that I would advise you as a troupe is to keep it organised and make sure that all the workload is spread out evenly as there is so much.

Case Study – School Of Improv

school o fimprov

School of improv taught me a lot when I was training there and one of the most important things I learnt was to talk things over.

Ever so often, Ian would do a lesson where the first 15 minutes was spent talking about us, the pupils. A lot of the time this would happen after a show or at the beginning of new terms to truly understand what we wanted to get out of a lesson.

School of improv are very much helping you develop in areas of improv you feel are weak and this was so important. These little meetings were very insightful and helped to focus us going forward.

This really relates to team punders and a skill I have taken with me as inspiration. Sometimes not being able to get a room booking can work wonders because it means when you meet you can really focus on yourself as a team. Being in a position where we have just had a big show means that it is a great time to reflect and talk about where we want to develop as a team.

We are in the process of hiring new members and working towards another big show in September so there is a lot to discuss and talk about to develop us as a team going forward.

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