The Games That Time Forgot – Toy Shop Tycoon, Nintendo DS

Today we look at a game that was released on the Nintendo DS and was set to follow the popularity of other sorts of games in its style. Simulation games have always been popular whether it is the Sims, Sim City or a Theme Park, there was one that was released however that did not get the same popularity as these ones. Today we look at Toy Shop Tycoon.


Toy Shop was released in 2008 and was developed by Seed Studios and published by Majesco Entertainment Codemasters. In the game you play as two siblings, Mel and Mark who have been given their Grandfathers Toy Shop in his Will. The aim of the game is to make a successful toy shop in three years or it will be given back to they city.

The whole point of the game is to design and look after the toy shop – this includes designing it, choosing what things cost, looking after finances, building new toys, basically anything to keep people interested in your shop.In the game you don’t just look after the toy shop you also meet people in the city who send you on quests to learn new things and win achievements.

The game was met with mixed reviews some saying it was fun and engaging but others criticising that it was really easy to do meaning that at the same time it is not exciting. People felt that the game was a stepping stone for better things to come but like the concept.

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