Off The Record – You Me At Six

Have you ever wanted To listen to a new band or musician and not sure where to start? Well, instead of listening to their commercial music, why not start with something off the album first! Today we talk about a british rock band that announced recently that they are working on a new album – You Me At Six. 

The Truth is a Terrible Thing – Take Off Your Colours album

For a debut album this song really is a great and strong opener for the album. It really defines the style in which this album follows and has a great set of guitar riffs. This song really connotes all the good things yet to come.

Nasty Habits – Take Off Your Colours album

This song is a catchy tune that is in the middle part of the album. It really is a good solid rock song. It has a great drum beat and it is intertwined with a great set of lyrics. The chorus is very You Me At Six-y as it’s got a great catch to it and a different dynamic to it to the verses.

The Consequence – Hold Me Down album

This is a song that is a great opener to the second album as it really defines a fresh new sound and a really catchy chorus. I have listened to this song for years and was always convinced it was a single as it’s so good – but it isn’t. The best part apart from the chorus is the part at the end when the words ‘ I’ve got real big plans and such bad thoughts’ turn into the section B you thought you never needed.

Trophy Eyes – Hold Me Down album

This is a song that has a great guitar throughout and again is a fantastic rock based album and really highlights why YMAS are one of the UKs best rock bands. The lyrics are really good and yet again has a great set of lyrics for.the chorus.

Jaws To The Floor – Sinners Never Sleep album

This is a feel good thing on the album and is a fun track to listen to. It is upbeat and jolly with a great rhythm through and through. It is s different sound to previous albums but that is still a good thing as it is fresh and fun.

When We Were Younger – Sinners Never Sleep album

This is is the last song on the album and it is also one of the best because it really does stand out in its uniqueness and very clever music structure. It is a song you won’t forget In a  rush and it has a fantastic set of lyrics to accompany everything.

Be Who You Are – Cavilier Youth album

There are many singles from this album so it’s hard to find many album tracks. This is one that may be of interest to you as it sounds very different to a lot of their other music and you may enjoy it for its mellow summer sound.

Can’t Hold Back – Night People album

This is a good album track and one of the very few. This is something that you expect from a great rock band like YMAS. The verse has a really interesting drum beat that intertwines throughout. The lyrics are melodic and the whole some has a great feel good feel about it.

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