This month we have a very exciting topic as our theme of the month! We have been lucky enough to interview the fantastic improviser Suki Webster (Paul Mertons Impro chums) about her up and coming shows at the Museum of Comedy in Leicester Square where improvisers such as Paul Merton, Lee Simpson and Josie Lawrence just to name a few, are performing in this unique show where there is a mix of short form improv and soloprov.

over the next few weeks, there will be lots of interviews with Suki about the new venue, the shows and also more about Improvisation as a whole! If you follow us on our Facebook page or twitter we will be sharing photographs as well if past shows to entice you as to what there is to come! So stay tuned this month as it is going to be a right corker! Until then why not check out more information about the shows with the link below.

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