It’s not everyday you decide to read a book by an actress who was in the sitcom with Kevin James called Kings of Queens. However when I saw the title and read the synopsis I started to think about it. I wasn’t sure I wanted to add she is just a small comedy actress but then I saw that it had been turned into a documentary series for television and I knew that this was a book I shouldn’t ignore. This book is not a connect but an exploration of Leah’s experiences in Scientology.


I watched Louis Theroux documentary about Scientology and found it interesting so thought I should give a book a go. This is a really interesting read and one I reconnected. Leah does not hold back and it is interesting to read about her own personal experiences. If you are a fan of Scientology or Tom Cruise then don’t read this book. If you are like me and want to read something that is interesting and shocks you then read this book.

I can’t really explain it, it’s just over of those books You should Read.

Readibility Rating – 8/10