Taste Of States With John Egan – This Week – Surge

John Egan is a comedian from Green Bay in Wisconsin and when he is not making audiences laugh their socks off he is trying all the new weird and wonderful food and snacks that America has to offer! We have teamed up with John to bring you on this magical and sometimes tasty food journey!

We are going to delve into the facts and origins of the food and then will have a One Take Review by John. So, ladies and gentlemen welcome to the world of TASTE OF STATES



Back in the nineties there was a drink that was citrus flavoured soft drink that was produced by the coca cola and was advertised as being more hardcore drink then Mountain Few it was discontinued in 2003.

Social media led to the rise of the popularity of this drink again and a Facebook campaign called the Surge Movement led to the special re-release of the drink back in 2014 in America where you could buy a 12 pack on Amazon. In 2015 the drinks popularity increased again leading to the drink being available to buy in convenience stores.

It was so popular that over the next two to three years it was created into a slushy that was available in cinemas and Burger King.

So how does Surge taste? Over to you John.

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