Travel Vs The Comedian – Paul Merton in China

Today we look at a show that was a four part series commissioned for channel 5. It aired in May of 2007 and ran for one series followed by its predecessor about India. Today we look at Paul Merton in China.

The show was created by Tiger Aspect Productions and followed the travels of Paul Merton around different areas of China. In the show he is moved by his interrupter Emma as they explore different cultural aspects of China. The show predominantly looks at the expansions of the culture and the changes that it had undergone since Mao Zedongs reign.

Some of the things that Paul gets up to includes visiting a traditional Chinese medicine hospital, learning Kung Fu and then guest starring in a film, visiting a robot inventor and meeting business men who move and restore crumbling old historical buildings.

The show did very well and was rated as the fifth most watched show on channel 5. It was watched by 2 million viewers and lead to the commission on the next show Paul Merton in India.

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