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Improv Diaries – The Final Countdown… [Case Study – Improv London Podcast ]

Hoopla Pre-Party show

We are now in the final countdown to our first big show which means everything we do at the moment we are using as a test matt for our big show to see what works we’ll be what doesn’t work as well. This week we had a set at the Hoopla Pre Party – we decided to do only two games and not three because our main aims for this set was to make sure that the audio worked and that it provided the energy we needed and whether it was easy to do tech wise.

The good news about the set is that the tech worked and did exactly what we need – it needs a bit of tightening but works very well. Pre party is a lot of different acts so we were on at the end and no one knew what to expect when the audio kicked in so that created a confused look to the audience but will work well In Our show so that is all that matters.

This week was all about testing games that we haven’t played in front of an audience before to make sure they work well and also that the stage is suited for them.


This weeks rehearsal was all about practising the run down and getting things knuckled in. We had Improv London Podcast host Stuart Moses come along to our rehearsal because he is going to do our tech it means that seeing the show as a runthrough first gives an idea of what he can expect.

Also, having Stuart at rehearsal meant that we sort of had a Director for the evening sort of guiding us what worked and what doesn’t work. Luckily there wasn’t much that needed editing however it read great getting pointers to make the show run more effectively.

Case Study – Improv London Podcast 

Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 14.47.35

Stuart is the host of improv London Podcast and if you have not heard it before then you should give it a listen as it is really interesting. He sits down with a different Improviser each week to give out about how they got into improv and everything else in between.

As well as hosting an improv podcast he also has an extensive knowledge in the comedy form because he does a lot of lessons, part of many troupes and goes to many shows which means that he knows his stuff and can be very helpful. This week I found heading Stuart in rehearsal really helpful as by giving us pointers meant that we could focus on making the production values even higher and more entertaining for the audience.

I am glad he is doing the tech for us.

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