The Games That Time Forgot – Ninjabread Man, Playstation 2

274438-ninjabread-man-playstation-2-front-coverToday we look at a game that created a lead character out of the concept of a martial art and a popular baking product – Today we look at the world of Ninjabread Man.

Ninjabread Man was developed and published by Data Design Interactive and was released on a few platforms including the Playstation 2 in 2005. The game was an action adventure platform game where you play as Ninjabread Man and have to complete three different levels. The aim of the game was to collect eight power rods in each area to activate a teleporter. When the teleporter is active they are able to progress to the next level.

Like most popular platform games you can re-enter all of the levels at a later date to complete a score pickup mode as well as a time attack mode. Throughout the game you have to fight off all the enemies with your weapons of a Samurai Sword – when you hit the enemies they turn to jam.

The game got a lot of negative reviews from critics with them stating that the game had a lot of bugs that needed to be fixed as well as being a very short game that lacked imagination.


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