Nostalgic Nineties

Nostalgic Nineties – Mr Frosty

‘Mr Frosty he is so fun he makes something for everyone’ – or it was something like that… it was one of those songs that got stuck in your head as a kid and I guess due to the catchy theme tune it may of indoctrinated every single kid in the nineties. It worked.

It was one of those toys / gadgets that everyone wanted, if you were not lucky enough to have one you were jealous of the kids that did and if you did have one it was played with a couple of times and then forgotten about. Mr Frosty was a gadget that was very popular when I was a kid, I was never lucky enough to get one but I know for a fact that it would of probably of been played with one or two times and then put aside because I liked Ice cream but the sort of slush stuff you made with Mr Frosty I was never a fan of. However, saying that, I always wanted to play with one because it looked fun.

Mr Frosty is a toy that originally comes from the eighties but I remember it being popular when I was growing up in the nineties and I think you can still buy it today. So for those who do not know who Mr Frosty is, let me explain…

Mr Frosty was a Ice Slush Maker for kids where you crush ice and then add flavours to the ice. Back in the eighties it was advertised as a toy you can use to have a slushy cocktail party with kids and he had a hole in the middle of his stomach, however the one I remember is the Mr Frosty in the nienties which was a tiny bit different.


The eighties version of Mr Frosty

The one I remember in the nineties was a bit of an upgrade to the one in the eighties. The advert was basically the same as the one in the eighties however it added a bit more to promote the attachments which was ice cream holders and ice shapes in which you can also make shaped flavoured ice pops.

Looking at the product now, I can’t believe I was so jealous of others having this gadget – firstly I cannot stand these sort of drinks in the first place and secondly being an adult and looking back on it, it really looks cheap and a waste of money.


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