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Each week, we will be taking an in depth look at some of the best sitcoms and comedy shows from both the UK and the USA.
Today we will be looking at a comedy that is has just aired its last ever season on the BBC. It was a show where one of televisions favourite comedy characters took the mickey out of themselves – Episodes


Opening Sequence / Theme Tune

About the Show

Summary of Plot
An English couple, Sean and Beverly Lincoln, are the creators/producers of a long- running, highly acclaimed and very popular TV show on UK TV, “Lyman’s Boys”. After receiving yet another award for the show they are approached by a US TV executive. He wants to take them to the US and make a US version of the show. After much haggling and assurances that the show will remain largely unchanged they agree. Once in the US they discover that the proposed show is quite different to the UK version. Their greatest dismay, however, is reserved for the fact that their venerable lead actor is to be replaced by Friends star Matt Le Blanc. –IMDb

Number of Seasons / Episodes
5 seasons

Matt LeBlanc – Matt LeBlanc
Stephen Mangan – Sean Lincoln
Tamsin Greig – Beverly Lincoln
John Pankow – Merc Lapidus
Kathleen Rose Perkins – Carol Rance


  • The first season was filmed entirely on location in London (UK) for Los Angeles. In fact, Matt LeBlanc’s beachfront ‘Malibu’ house is located in North London’s Mill Hill district. Camden Town (London) doubles for Las Vegas. A Pinewood Studio car park was used to replicate a Burbank Airport scene.
  • Matt LeBlanc revealed in an interview that, because the whole season is written in advance, scenes from different episodes are shot in a row, based on the location available.
  • One of the main, if not the main reason why there’s generally a year and a half gap between seasons is because the creators made a deal with Showtime and BBC in which they are allowed to write the whole seasons before shooting begins.
  • Matt’s ringtone is ‘two time’ by Syd Dale
  • Claire Forlani and Thomas Haden Church were on the original pilot of the show, but when the series went to production, they dropped out. Forlani was replaced by Tamsin Greig and Church’s role was scrapped.

Classic Clips

Kill Me

You Called Me Fat

Comedy Is Subjective

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