Improv Diaries – It’s Only A Gameshow……. [Case Study: Once Upon A Time]

This week in improv it was all about preparing for the big show that we have coming up in the middle of May. Last week, i was talking about getting the running order and structure correct to a point where we have it working well this week was all about developing the ideas and how to finesse it.

One of the things we really want to bring to this show is strong and bold characters that really hit the point straight away like good Short formers do such as The Comedy Store Players, The Suggestibles and The Noise Next Door. We have been making it our aim to make sure that we approach each game with a selection of characters and really committing to them.

As well as focusing on the games, we also want to make sure that our format really hits the mark on the terminology Gameshow. It is our unique selling point and want to make sure that it stands out like a game show, the way we are doing this is by really planning out what we can incorporate to give it this ideology as well as making the idea fresh, new and relevant to an improv audience.

One thing we pride ourselves on as an improv troupe is creating or performing new or different games that you do not usually see a lot of in the shows. There is one that we are bringing to our main night which is based on the game played in Whose Line Is It Anyway and I cannot wait as it is one of my favourites as it has so much potential to be different and stand out. I couldn’t work out why I liked it so much I think it is because it mixes the ideology of a television show and fairytales which really hits the mark of being something different as it puts a different spin on stories you already know. i was discussing it the other day with someone and with one simple explanation they summed up why I love this game and this is why this is our case study this week.

Case Study – Once Upon A Time

I came across this show, like most shows, from a random look through on Netflix a couple of years ago. I came across it and thought OK I will give it a go and after the initial few episodes of getting used to the format and wondering what was going on I completely fell in love with it.

The show is basically around modern day society and fairytale characters not believing they are from a book and when they do trying to work out how to live in modern society. I do not want to really give a lot away but the narrative, the graphics, the way everything interlinks – wow what a show. (Apart from the last season it sort of has lost its magic and took a long time to find it).

This show I suppose explains why I love this fairytale game we are bringing to our set in May – the whole concept of it is to put a modern and unique spin on the fairytale and I love that, it is not what the audience expects and that is what creates the humour it is so so so so GOOD!

It really foes show that the simpliest ideas and formats really can make the strongest results.

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