Welcome to Amsterdam Improv Marathon Month

This month is all about a very special event that is happening on the weekend of the 19th of May in Amsterdam. We are going behind the scenes at the Amsterdam Improv Marathon – we will be providing you with interviews with some of the acts performing as well as exclusive interviews with the Producers of the event. This year will see the Marathon celebrate its second birthday and it is set to be bigger and better then 2017! With an array of acts performing as well as two stages – the YES stage as well as the AND stage – it will have many acts performing in different blocks over the whole 12 hours!

The event has been founded by Isaac Simon and Nora McLeese who are the producers behing Tag Out Theatre. We will have exclusive interviews with them later this week but here is a little but more information about them.

Nora McLeese 

Screen Shot 2018-04-29 at 12.28.57With more than a decade of of theater and improv — plus half a dozen lived countries — under her belt, Nora has trained and performed with the Second City, iO Chicago, Hoopla Impro London, The Nursery Theatre and Washington Improv Theater. In Amsterdam, she is the co-founder and executive director of Tag Out Theatre as well as executive producer of the Amsterdam Improv Marathon. She was part of the International Ensemble at the Phoenix Improv Festival 2017, is a proud member of The Ferocious Four and has performed at festivals in Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Greece, and the UK. You can definitely book her as your emcee.


Isaac Simon 

Screen Shot 2018-04-29 at 12.29.36Isaac is an improv performer and educator from Boston currently residing in the Netherlands. He has performed and taught in the US and Europe for over a decade, is the co-founder of Tag Out Theatre (the creators of the Amsterdam Improv Marathon), and frequently collaborates with teams and companies in the Netherlands and beyond. Presently, Isaac performs with Tag Out Theatre, Amsterdam 2prov groups Sassy Murder and Forest and Shade, and international projects Business Jews and The Mime and The Voice. He performs frequently in Amsterdam, and has played in festivals in Copenhagen, Barcelona, and Sofia. He was even a guest musician at ImproAmsterdam. As an improv coach and applied improviser, he has worked with theaters and companies in Copenhagen, Toulouse, Oslo, Barcelona, Berlin, London, the Hague, and here in Amsterdam. His teaching combines organic, freeform play with a focus on being empathetic and finding joy moment to moment. Isaac is committed to the improv community, and is constantly looking to bring top educators to Amsterdam to grow the knowledge base and inspire others to develop their own ensembles and artistic voices. In summation, he’s an improv education nerd, and enjoys apples before class.

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