Taste of States with John Egan – This Week – Hersheys Candy Corn

John Egan is a comedian from Green Bay in Wisconsin and when he is not making audiences laugh their socks off he is trying all the new weird and wonderful food and snacks that America has to offer! We have teamed up with John to bring you on this magical and sometimes tasty food journey!

We are going to delve into the facts and origins of the food and then will have a One Take Review by John. So, ladies and gentlemen welcome to the world of TASTE OF STATES


Today we look at a product that Hershey released around Halloween from 2014 to celebrate something that is a great American candy substance – the candy corn. Hersheys decided to put together their chocolate and candy corn to create an ultimate snack. The description on the bag describes it as ‘Candy Corn Creme with Candy Bits.’ The chocolate used in this bar is white which could also be the creme factor to the chocolate bar and from reading articles online, the bar smelt very strongly of Candy Corn.

The bar looked very unusual in style – with a white chocolate with orange segments peaking through underneath. One person online compares it to looking at tiny fish being trapped underneath the surface of an iceberg which actually looking at it is a pretty good definition of what it looks like. Reviewers online have given this bar a lot of negative reviews by saying that the bar is too sickenly sweet whilst also tasting waxy. The most important review though is from the man himself – so over to you John!

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