Improv Diaries – Focus and planning… [ Case Study – Newsical]

This week was all about starting to knuckle in all the ideas and games that we want to include in our huge show in May. Our show is a game show format so the main thing that we have to knuckle down on is the production values – what makes it a gameshow, how can we justify making it a gameshow, how can we make it stand out from the crowd?

We spent the first hour properly going over this and what we wanted our aims to be, what we wanted to include and what the running order or format should look like. We then did our first mock run through which made it feel all a bit too real! It is crazy, we only have just under four weeks now until our show!

From doing these mock run throughs we could discover if our timings were right and how many games we should have in each half of the show. We discovered that we have got time to do more games in the second half which works out in production values.

The one thing that we are trying to do in rehearsals from now on is really pump up the characters and accents in scenes to try and bring the games to a brand new level. It is fun to do and also really brings the games up to a new level.

It was a really fun rehearsal this week and if we keep it up then its a sign of things to come!

Case study – Newsical

Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 17.05.25

This weeks inspiration comes from a troupe that I thought I would use as an inspiration for a musical lesson but instead I feel that they have caused inspiration to me actually because of their presence and identity on stage.

I really like Newsical, I think they have a really great concept as a show and they are a very inspiring group to watch how they approach both the stage and the scenes. If you haven’t heard of this act, then let me start by first telling you about their show – Newsical is a musical based show where they take news headlines out of a hat that the audience has chosen out of newspapers then they make musical scenes about the said suggestions. It can be anything from headline news to the small and quirky stories that you can get in a newspaper.

When they get given a suggestion, they then make a scene inspired by that headline that is usually very different to the said story and the scene ends in a musical number. They are great, especially on their scene work that initially sets up the song. The one thing that I really like about Newsical and find inspiring is that even if they have guests appearing with them, they always go into a scene with a persona and a character – they up the energy before the music even begins and that is a great thing to have as a team.

Whilst their show is focussed more on the scene and the song then the initial game like Short Form, it is still a great act to watch as they are inspiring, they get the who what where out straight away and enter every scene with high energy.

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