Travel vs The Comedian – Alan Partridge’s Scissored Isle

It is one of the most iconic comedy characters in the United Kingdom and throughout the years he has appeared in a variety of different spin off shows and this is one that is the most recent. If you do not know the show I am talking about then let me welcome you to the world of SKYs television series – Alan Partidge’s Scissored Isle.

This show was a one off mockumentary that was released in 2016 that was focussing on the idea of the ‘journey of redemption.’ In this 45 minute television show, the character Alan Partridge (portrayed by Steve Coogan) explores whether there has been a schasm formed between the North and South.  In the television show, he visits different locations to explore this topic.

One of the places that Alan Partridge visits in Manchester and in true comedy style of Steve Coogan, he portrays the people that he ‘interviews’ as people that need badly adopting (sort of what you will see on an RSPCA advert).

The show received a lot of positive reviews for its Alan Partridge comedy hits and the humour that satisfies both old and new viewers of the character. The television show won two awards – one was a BAFTA TV award for Steve Coogans Best Male Performance in A Comedy and a International Emmy Award as Well for Comedy.


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