INTERVIEW – Spontaneous Wrecks – ‘Improvisers Assemble’

This Month is a huggeeeeeeeeee one for fans of Marvel as the biggest film of the franchise is set to be released at the end of this month. So, it is only right that a improv troupe that has a lot of comic book fans and film buffs will have their April show themed on the biggest show of the year! Yes, Spontaneous Wrecks in Newcastle are performing at the Bridge Hotel this Wednesday with a show called Improvisers Assemble. It was only right that this months interview had a very big superhero twist on it.

Hello guys! What would each of your Superpower be?

Daniel –The ability to create holes. In the ground, in space, in time… it’s less silly than it sounds!

Casey – The ability to tell what someone’s thinking but only after they’ve said it

Michael – Flying

GeoffFlying. Superman is my favourite of all superheroes.

Matt– Metamorphosis!

Anna –The power to mooooovvvveeee youuuuu

What is your favourite superhero film?

Daniel – For Marvel, it’s Avengers Assemble. But overall? Probably The Dark Knight!

Michael – The Incredibles

Geoff– Hard choice but the original Superman movie has a special place in my heart from childhood.

Matt – It’s not a film, or a super power really, but ‘Bernard’s Watch’ has to be the best show of all time with that kinda vibe!

Anna – Deadpool or Thor: Ragnarok

Casey – I once recorded myself running down the street in a cape. Does that count?

Which Superhero would you kiss, which would you marry and which would you kill?

Anna – Snog Thor. Marry Deadpool. Kill Hulk

Matt –  Snog Captain America, Marry Deadpool, Kill Green Lantern

Daniel – Snog Wonder Woman, Marry Black Panther (he is a king after all), Kill The Vision (because he’s kind of weird… but now I’m worried I’ll be right when the new film comes out…)

Michael – Snog Thor, Marry Captain America, Marry Deadpool, Kill Iron Man.

Casey – Snog Harley Quinn, Marry Iron Man (that financial security), Kill Spider-Man (by putting him in a bath)

Geoff– I’m focusing on ‘Snog’ – there is a scene in Spider-Man where they have a kiss where he is upside down. I thought that was pretty cool

The Infinity War is coming – Which Infinity Stone are you?

Daniel – The Time Stone (the green one) – I think I could handle power over time…

Casey – The Power Stone. Even a bit of physical power would be lovely, as I have none.

Geoff– I will take the Space Stone (the blue one) as I am a traveller of far and wide being from another country.

Matt– I wish I was the Mind Stone (the yellow one) for the additional quick wit for improv!

Michael – i’m the Soul Stone – a bit of a mystery and I haven’t appeared in a film yet but you can guarantee I’ll be important

Anna – Definitely the Reality Stone. I’d use it to warp reality into the most hilarious improv comedy show you have ever seen!

And Finally, why should people buy tickets to ‘Improvisers Assemble’?

Anna – The most hilarious improv comedy show you have ever seen

Matt –  Because – and don’t tell anyone – Sir Ian McKellen is playing with us as Magneto. Sshh..

Michael – Because it will be two hours of fun and giggles and superheroes!

Casey – Because if you don’t, I’ll read your mind. Only after you’ve said it though

Daniel – Because every show we’ve ever done has been leading up to this one – it’s the event of the year!

Geoff– Because it’s always a lot of fun and cheaper than a cinema ticket

The show is the 4th April at The Bridge Hotel in Newcastle. Doors open at 7:30pm and the tickets are £5 on the door or 2 for £5 booked online

To find out more about the show and to purchase tickets then click here

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