Nostalgic Nineties – The Stack-able Crayon

When I was growing up stationary was a huge thing and in the nineties there was a lot of cool and funky gadgets that you desperately wanted to have in your pencil case. If you were a girl (i am saying girl because I only ever remember girls having them) then there was one thing that you would most definitely have as part of your stationary and in your pencil case – The Stack-able Crayon.

No-one, even when you are a kid, enjoys using crayons to colour in or as part of your daily drawing kit, but put a variety of colours in small little plastic holders and then put them in a see through pen that can rotate when you pull one out then everyone will want it.

I remember that you were the cool one if you had a stackable Crayon and you would always find some sort of excuse to get it out and show it off in class – whilst it was fun to have you would spend most of your time rotating the colours round then actually using it to colour in.

I remember I had one that I think I got from somewhere like London Zoo, so it was a lot more snazzier because mum had paid a little bit more then your average stack-able crayon meaning that it was fun to use and had a better quality crayon in it so it was fun to colour in with.

There was a few problems with the stackable crayon and that was if you run out of a colour it could be quite hard to replace it as refill packs were not a thing (as far as i knew). Also, the one thing that was the bane of my life and I am sure it was for others too – you spent a lot of time changing the colours because it was fun but sometimes you would lose one of the stacks and if this happened you couldn’t really use the stack-able again!

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