Podcast Month – INTERVIEW – The Wrong People’s Improvised Musical Adventures!

It is Podcast Month which means that we will be bringing you all the fun shows you should be carrying around in your back pocket on a phone. Today we talk to a podcast that is based in London and are also creators of an Improvised Musical Comedy Podcast!!! I sat down with the team behind the podcast to find out more!

Screen Shot 2018-03-11 at 14.22.42Hello guys! Can you tell us a little bit about the team behind The Wrong People?

We met at university. Ben wanted some friends. We very kindly obliged. We now regret the decision. Jamie was contractually obligated to play piano. We’ve now been together doing improvised musicals for six years.

What is the show all about?

The premise of our show is very simple: we take audience suggestions for a title, a song title, and a starting location, and then create a fully improvised musical. We make up all the songs, all the characters, and all the story lines. The musicals themselves are about anything and everything.

How did the podcast come about?

We wanted to branch out from live performance and test our mettle in a new arena. We came into Jamie’s room with microphones, started singing at him and now we can’t stop.

“…Get your friends together in your bedroom hit record and watch sparks fly. Then do a podcast…” – The Wrong People Podcast

How do you decide what each of the episodes are about?

The episodes are completely decided by the suggestions we receive. Beyond that it’s all up for grabs. We read them out, jump straight into the opening number, and see what happens.

What sort of styles of improv do you explore on your show?

We’re all very interested in narrative and character and this heavily influences our type of improv. We aim for musicals which feature characters with emotional depth, stories with stakes that matter, and the catchiest songs we muster with our little collective wills.

How do you get suggestions for the musicals titles?

We get our suggestions from our lovely audience! Scroll down to find out how you too can give us ideas! We’ll take literally any suggestion.

How does it feel like doing a musical improv to a microphone and not an audience? How do you adjust to that unusual experience?

It’s very different because you don’t get the immediate audience feedback and the wave of energy that brings. However, doing podcasts is great because you can go far beyond the possibilities of what you can do on stage and you can invite the audience to really use their imagination. It also means we don’t have to stay around for hours signing autographs after every show.

You are a musical improv podcast – What have been some of your favourite highlights of past podcasts?

Here are three of our favourite past episodes. If you like Jane Austen realness why not try ‘Cape and capability’ (Ep. 28)! For cooking, education, and cheeky school boys hit up ‘Frog Tart’ (Ep. 15)! If you like The Greatest Showman for the circus setting but thought it had too many celebrities in it why not give ‘The Wheel of Death’ (Ep. 41) a spin!

What are your aims for your podcast in 2018?

Keep on making great episodes. Invest in a mic stand. Break into the Japanese market.

How do you decide who to have as a guest on each show?

Like spiders and flies we prey upon the alumni web of seasoned comedians, actors and musicians, suck them dry and toss away their desiccated husks. Decisions are mostly based on matching schedules.

“We aim for musicals which feature characters with emotional depth, stories with stakes that matter, and the catchiest songs we muster with our little collective wills.” – The Wrong People Podcast

What make you different to other podcasts out there?

We saw gap for non-scripted narrative podcasts. We added songs, heartfelt stories, and crazy characters. We don’t use mic stands. And just like that we’ve monopolised the market. You’re welcome.

Who would be your dream guest to appear and why?

Lin Manuel-Miranda, but we just want him to hold the mics.

What other podcasts are you a fan of and why?

No Such Thing As A Fish. Off Book (our rival, far far far more successful musical improv podcast). Women’s Hour.

Are there any plans or have there been any live versions of your show?

We’ve performed live musicals many times and we’re accepting all bookings. We can’t promise to bring our own mic stands.

What advice would you give for people thinking about starting a podcast?

We were surprised how easy it was. Get your friends together in your bedroom hit record and watch sparks fly. Then do a podcast.

If people want to find out more about you where can they find you on social media?

You can find us on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/TheWrongPeopleImprov/), twitter (@twpimprov), and you can email us at thewrongpeopleimprov@gmail.com. You can also check out Ben’s youtube channel for more musical goodness (https://www.youtube.com/user/Schneb77).

Finally, in three words why should people listen to your show?

The. Wrong. People.

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