Question Roulette – Are You Afraid of The Dark and an Unsolvable Movie Ending?

Three years ago i bought a book in Tampa which is meant to be a great for creative like minds and for the past three years I have made it my New Years Resolution to complete it. The book is called 642 Things To Write About by The San Francisco Writers Grotto. I never got round to writing many of them so what’s a better way then getting through them then writing a few as an article each week! Enjoy!

275. Alfred Hitchcock said that a mystery is not knowing what will happen to a bunch of guys playing poker; suspense is when only you know there’s a bomb underneath the poker table. Write about a banal event, but start by introducing something that will change everything and that only the reader knows is coming. 

It’s an average Saturday night for Chloe, Jake, Olivia and Dave – they always meet in their local pub to have a weekly catch-up – they have been great friends since university. Although tonight is different and none of them aware that there is a sniper at the window ready to shoot and kill Jake if Olivia does not confess her feelings for him by the end of the third round. Her jealous ex is outside with a group of killers that he hired and knows her secret. She does not know that he is there and he knows that she is too afraid to tell him so he wants to hurt her the only way he only way he know will well and truly effect her.

One round down – She still hasn’t said anything to Jake

Round two – the group start to talk about the world of relationships and they get onto the topic Jakes girlfriend Louise who is being treated badly by. Through the snipers lens Olivia’s ex can see that she is biting her lip in nervousness and concerned. He has had their regular table bugged so he can hear every word. How he talks about Louise and how he is not sure what he should do in regards to being with her.

Round Three – the third round of drinks has been bought – as soon as these are over at the last drop he can do what he can get the revenge he promised himself at the beginning of this plan. He listens to them talk about life and everything.  There is hardly any drink left now in the guys glasses. Hang on a second, Dave and Chloe leave the table and now there is only the two of them.

Olivia decides to turn the conversation back to Jakes girlfriend.

“Jake, i think if you are not being treated well by Louise then I don’t think that is very fair, you deserve to have someone in your life that wants you to be there and to adore you the way that they should.”

” Yeah, I mean I suppose I shouldn’t really be with Louise I suppose, since I am in love with someone else. I think she has always realised that. It is not right to lead her on.”

“Oh really, i didn’t know that, that’s not fair for Louise maybe she isn’t right for you.” Olivia gulps getting very nervous all of a sudden. “So, who is the lucky lady that you are in love with?”

“Come on Livvy, don’t act so stupid, I know you feel it too when you look at me. You know I am talking about you.”

The ex, can clearly tell that the look on Olivias face means that she did not know this and that is whole new information to her. If the ex was aware that they both felt this way then he may of stepped out of the way and not of wasted his time falling in love with someone who was clearly part of something so much bigger then the both of them. He looks at the glasses and then he starts to panic – one more gulp of the wine in Olivias glass and the sniper will shoot – he has a last minute panic – it doesn’t count, he said it not her, but does it count? He uses the walkie talkie to try and contact the sniper in time to change his mind……….

“Code Red, Code red, hello? code red…stop….i want to cancel the gun shot hello? hello?”

He runs as fast as he can to reach the sniper on the other roof to try and push him out of the direction of Olivia and her real chance of love.

There is a shot that is fired and it goes through the wine glass – but does it hit Olivia or Jake? The camera fades to black and it is left for the audience to make their mind up

A metaphor for what we want in life we can’t have and there are no happy endings or a metaphor for sometimes we need our eyes opened a little bit more to realise what is really in front of us all along?

276. A four year old child is afraid of the dark. Write about this child’s fear and what you might say or do to help the child overcome the fears.

There is no parent there – wait with them until they fall asleep

A strange noise – child sleeps in parents room

The essence of the darkness – scary monsters – show child there is nothing there to be scared of.

277. You, a grown adult, are afraid of the dark. Explain why this is a legitimate concern, so friends won’t laugh at you. 

It freaks me out, the unkown, not knowing what is there, it is a lonely place when you are on your own it can cause dark thoughts.

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