Improv Corner – Use Numbers in Your Warmups

Numbers are good fun – especially in improv. You can use them to create some really fun mini warm up exercises to get used to talking in scenes or limiting what you say in them.

The first way in which you can bring numbers to a warm up game is with the number 5 game (sorry I am really bad with knowing the official name of games but I am sure that is has another one. The aim of this game is that you have a conversation with the person in the scene and have to answer with only one word first, then two, then three, then four, then five and then back down again.  It’s a good way of limiting what you and playing around with words in the scene.

Another game you can play means that every person in the scene is only limited to using a certain number of words every time they talk. So one person had to talk using 10 words another 5 words and another only using 1 word. This means that is again limits what you say in a scene but automatically makes “the game” which leads to some funny results!!

So the next time you want to warm up – think of numbers!

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