Improv Diaries – The Chair Nemesis and Uncontrollable Laughter [Case Study: Jimmy Fallon the SNL Years]

This week in rehearsals it was all about getting ready for the show we have coming up at the end of March. We have to plan ahead as the next couple of weeks we are missing a different member each week so we have to ‘improvise’ and make do with who we have available at the time. This week we were a James down but we had the other James back with us and feeling a lot better then he had the week before when he couldn’t join us.

We started off with the same warm ups we always do and then we focussed on games. For the March show we are a man down as one of the James’ is off to glorious Spain for a holiday so we have the challenge this time to make the show work with 4 of us and not 5. This really isn’t a huge task as we know that the concept works with a minimum of 3 people so the main task is to make sure that all the games work with three people.

Whilst there are many games in short form that require only 2 people a lot if them are played with a lot of short form groups and we want to try and mix it up and do games that are not plated a lot. From this weeks rehearsal we have narrowed it down to 3 games one of them two player the other three player.

We have decided to try and do a lot of three player games so that everyone gets a fair amount of time on stage and also to try and make us a bit different. We are going to do the two player game Alphabet with a twist, three headed expert and we are still deciding on our last game.

We played the nursery rhyme game again and it went really well and we approached it from different angles to try and build it up with the story and narrative aspect.The one thing that happened this week was I found with some of the games that we were doing it was very hard to not laugh. With the three headed expert game I broke down in laughter and couldn’t restrain my self the whole time – meaning that it was very hard to get even that one word out at times.

Another thing that happened this week is that chairs became my nemesis again. Now those who don’t know me won’t know how clumsy I actually am. I am really clumsy and a lot of time I have had clumsy incidents a chair has been involved. Well this week the chairs became my enemy again. We were playing the game sit bend stand and I went to move in the scene to take the chair and I managed to trip over the chair not once but twice in the same fluid movement that I went flying across the floor.

This week was a really fun rehearsal and from next week I am also doing an advanced course of musical – os i am very excited!!

Case Study: Jimmy Fallon The SNL Years. 

When i was thinking about case study for this week there was only one name that I could think to and that was Jimmy Fallon. Years ago, Netflix used to be the home of the Best Of videos of comics from SNL and I watched Jimmy Fallon’s so many times. I can even sit here and name the sketches that were on the video – THAT’s HOW many times I watched it.

One of the things I loved about it is that Jimmy always breaks down in laughter in the middle of a scene and because it is live television he has to deal with it and fight through to make the sketch have a unique finish. Watching this I also used to laugh but it is also fun seeing professionals deal with breaking down in laugher in the middle of scenes.

This was me this week, I do not know what set me off but trying to stop was so hard that I couldn’t control it and even though I managed to fight through it, it can be really hard to as you can see from these Jimmy Fallon Clips below.

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